Dark Lord - The Teenage Years
Jamie Thomson

Darklands Writing

By Anumi, St John's Church School

Consciousness drove through Sooz, soon settling into her mind. Cautiously, she opened her eyes and sat up straight. She found herself in the midst of the Darklands. Sooz glared up at the blood-red sky where there were two moons! They were staring down at her like evil eyes. One was pale and white; it didn’t bother her too much. The other, although red, stood out against the sky: it was pure evil. She turned and fixed her gaze on to the mountain that towered over the Plain of Desolation. Gentle winds, which blew over the plains, had a strange scent: one she’d never smelled before. There was an acrid taste in the air that hung in her mouth. In the distance, cries of laughter came. She searched for where they came from until she spotted the Tower of Despair: painted pink!