Dark Lord - The Teenage Years
Jamie Thomson

Darklands Writing

By Nedas, St John's Church School

A sudden thud awoke Gargon: a thud that radiated sinister dark energy. The ‘pink’ tower of despair stood neglected and humiliated… smelling of daisies! As his gaze averted, he saw the Plains of Desolation stretching infinitely like a dirty blanket. As the breeze of the desolated wasteland shot through his devilish soul, he heard distant screams echoing wildly directly above, in the blood red sky, the two moons crept across stealthily: the pale holy moon belonged to Hasdruban and the bloody red devilish moon was the Dark Lord’s. It felt like they were spying on the land; searching for a victim. The Darklands ultimately corrupt souls with greed, power and glory!