Dark Lord - The Teenage Years
Jamie Thomson

Darklands Writing

By Marcel, St John's Church School

Sooz, a girl with a golden heart, shielded it with dark, black fabric. Pale face, like a moon of bright silver, glowed with a gentle loving smile. Her speech changed the world’s mind that she was only a teenager. A girl finding adventures and making them fun. Vampire? No. Not really… it’s only her look.

She is dark outside and light inside. As queen of the Darklands, she is a sheep in wolf’s clothing protected by a seven foot servant! A crown of spikes like deadly sharp swords show that she is queen. Mischievous, the look on her face suggests she might do something troublesome. Her black lips smile. A metallic bony cloak looks impressive to each evil beast. Her skirt, like an everlasting hole of blackness swirls around her. Fear; deep fear, overcomes her like a ghost touching her with dead hands.