Stitch Head
Guy Bass

An unexpected day

By Ryan, St John's Church School

Dear Diary,

Today was unexpected. In the beginning I put a tube into the creature throat to pour in an anti-werewolf potion. The mean parts of the creature roared out of his throat like a T-Rex. Suddenly, the creature ran out of the castle but I climbed on his fury back to give him more of the potion. The creature then hid behind the castle and said, “please don’t eat me”.

I was annoyed because the creature followed me everywhere I went. However I also felt excited, excited because perhaps he could be my friend. I ran and hid in the cracks in the ancient walls so the creature couldn’t get to me. When I got through the cracks in the castle walls, I hid behind a statue of Professor Erasmus so the creature could not get me. Then I came out and shook hands with the creature and became friends!

After a while, I showed the creature around the castle but when I showed him the dungeon I felt proud. I felt weird because I showed him inside when I really didn’t actually want to. Inside of me there was sadness so I asked him to leave.

Suddenly, the horns from the door went boom! I went to the door with the creature. When I went, there was a man with a top hat and a purple coat. “Come on boy, if you want to leave you can,” he said. In the end, he left.