Jane Hardstaff's, 'Character Quiz'

Answer the questions in this exciting quiz truthfully, picking the first thing that comes into your head, and keep note of which letters you pick the most. Afterwards you can have a go at writing your own character quiz!

Use the quick quizz below to find out what kind of character in Jane Hardstaff's novel is most like you

Which character from THE EXECUTIONER’S DAUGHTER are you?

Pick a weapon
(a) Whatever comes to hand
(b) Knife
(c) Fists
(d) Supernatural powers
(e) Axe
(f) Body odour
(g) My razor-sharp intellect

Pick a drink
(a) Milk
(b) Bitter lemon
(c) Not fussy – I’ll drink anything
(d) Water
(e) A nice cup of tea
(f) Ale - as much as I can lay my hands on
(g) The finest wines money can buy

Pick an accessory
(a) A pair of good boots
(b) A huge sack for all my gold
(c) A Swiss Army knife
(d) A seaweed dress
(e) An iPhone for my daughter
(f) A rat trap
(g) A Louis Vuitton handbag

Choose an animal
(a) Polar bear
(b) Crocodile
(c) Fox
(d) Moray eel
(e) Grizzly bear
(f) An ageing St Bernard dog
(g) Leopard

Your friends would describe you as:
(a) Curious, idealistic, can be stubborn
(b) What friends?
(c) Mischievous and inventive
(d) Wild and unusual
(e) Serious and dependable
(f) A bit embarrassing but loyal and wise
(g) Sassy and fun

What is your greatest fear?
(a) Being locked away forever
(b) Someone taking my gold
(c) Dying
(d) That I’ll never love again
(e) Losing my family
(f) A world without cheese
(g) That no one will remember me when I’m gone


Answers mostly (a): You are Moss.
Curious and adventurous, you’re learning to think on your feet. Although you feel bad about leaving your home and family, you’re determined to seek out a life for yourself in the big wide world. Although you’ve always had a clear sense of right and wrong, your principles are about to be put to the test by a hot roast pigeon.

Answers mostly (b): You are the Ragged Man.
Gold is your greatest desire and you’ll stop at nothing to get it. You haven’t got that many friends, but who cares - if someone annoys you, you know how to throw some serious shade.

Answers mostly (c): You are Salter.
You’re quite naughty, but your heart is in the right place. It’s a tough world out there and you’ve learnt to be really excellent at making use of the things around you. Some people would question your moral judgment, but they’ve never had to fend for themselves night after night on a freezing riverbank, have they?

Answers mostly (d): You are the Riverwitch.
You’re a bit weird-looking, but that’s totally understandable when you’ve spent the last few hundred years living in a river. Unafraid to use your supernatural powers, you are a force to be reckoned with. However, your frozen heart hides a secret – you just want to be loved.

Answers mostly (e): You are Pa.
Not everyone’s idea of a great dad, but ignoring the fact you chop off heads for a living, you’ve got some fantastic qualities. You’re dependable, a skilled craftsman, handy with a sword and axe, and ok, maybe you’re a bit over-protective, but for you it’s all about keeping the family together.

Answers mostly (f): You are Nell.
Wise and loyal, you are a friend to people who don’t have many friends. All things considered, you’ve carved out a pretty good life for yourself in the Tower - a cosy hole beneath the kitchens to sleep in and all the rats you can eat. Just ignore all the snide comments. Roasted rat? Tastes a bit like chicken.

Answers mostly (g): You are Anne Boleyn.
Seriously clever, fun and sassy, you’ve always had a lot going for you. You’re prepared to stand up for yourself, which is just as well, because your scheming family would never hesitate to use you to gain wealth and power for themselves. If you have a weakness it’s your taste for the finer things in life – nice clothes, furs, kings and so on. But don’t ask, don’t get, right?

Have a go at writing your own personality quiz. Pick a book you love. Or use something you've written yourself - even better! Choose five or six characters. Have a think about what they are like - what motivates them, what are they afraid of, what are they interested in, what are their strengths and flaws? Don't be afraid to let your questions wander off in crazy directions! Surreal works really well in a personality quiz.