'Character profiling,' with Tom Palmer

For this activity you have to rely on your imagination and most importantly, your comprehension skills! Find the relevant information in Over the Line

Make a list of the characters you have met so far in the book:

Jack, Huddersfield Town, Striker

Fred Bullock, Huddersfield Town, Captain

Frank Mann, Huddersfield Town (a half back, although this information is not given in the novel)

Sid Wheelhouse, Grimsby, Defender

Percy Summers, Grimsby, goalkeeper

Arthur Fairclough (name not given in the novel) Huddersfield Town ‘gaffer’

Chris Buckley, Arsenal, Captain

Henry Norris, Arsenal

Make notes on what the book tells us about each of these characters and use the internet to find out more. Make footballer collectors' cards featuring each of these, following these examples.

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Screen shot 2016 07 06 at 10.20.49
Screen shot 2016 07 06 at 10.21.05