'Activities for Turvytops: A Really Wild Island,' by Jim Medway

Be as creative as possible when answering the questions below!

- What is the funniest animal you can think of? Why is it so funny? What about the scariest / grumpiest / saddest?

- Show what animals are saying by drawing them and adding speech bubbles (write the words first then draw the bubble shape after, so you don't have to squash the words in).

- What about the animal's secret thoughts, things they don't say out loud? Add a thought bubble.

- Can you invent a new animal by combining 2 or 3 others (like the Xolf in Frontiebacks)? Do some research on Mythical Creatures like the Minotaur, Centaur and Griffon.

- Come up with a silly rhyme to go with your drawing.