'A Chicken-legged House?' By Margaret Bateson-Hill

For this activity you need to engage your imagination and think about what a typical fairytale setting might have in it. Ask yourselves the questions below and have a go!

A Chicken-legged House?

Baba Yaga the Witch lives in the middle of the forest in a house that hops around on a chicken leg. Other fairy tale characters live in the forest too, in all sorts of dwellings. Rapunzel lives at the top of a high tower; Hansel and Gretel find a cottage made of gingerbread. Sleeping Beauty is asleep in a palace.

Imagine walking in the forest and finding someone’s house/cottage/ palace/ shack/tent.

What does it look like?

Is it large or small?

What is it made of?

Is there anything strange or magical about this dwelling?

Have a good look round and notice all the details. What colour is the door? Are there curtains at the windows?

Knock on the door, ring the bell, or call up to a window and find out who is living there?

Write the story about what you saw – and don’t forget to draw a picture.

The illustration of my chicken-legged house is by Anne Wilson, the illustrator of 'Masha and the Firebird'.