Zeraffa Giraffa
Dianne Hofmeyr

Ages: 7-11

This is the astonishing true story of Zeraffa, a real giraffe who was sent as a gift by the Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt to King Charles X of France in 1826.

A young boy, Atir, takes care of Zeraffa on her epic journey from Africa, up the Nile river, across the Mediterranean sea to Paris. But Paris is far. How will she get there? Atir has an idea. As he leads her through the countryside, thousands of people marvel at this strange new creature never seen before. Paris falls in love with Zeraffa. The King builds her a special house in the Jardin des Plantes.

On warm nights, the young princess visits, while Atir whispers stories to Zeraffa of a hot land far away. An amazing story by an award-winning author and the extremely talented illustrator Jane Ray, of a giraffe’s extraordinary journey from Africa to Paris.

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about the author

Dianne Hofmeyr

Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the tip of Southern Africa where she studied to be an art teacher. She writes picture books as well as YA novels. She won her first writing comeptition at ten years old,...
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