Voyage to the Volcano
Tom Banks

Ages: 7-11

Captain Anstruther and his motley crew of sky-pirates are back for more adventures!

Picking up the story where The Great Galloon ended, Voyage to the Volcano finds Stanley, Rasmussen and the rest of the Great Galloon crew on their way to the greatest party ever held: Count Heinz-Marie von Fforbes-Martinez of Eisberg's birthday party.

Not everyone is in the party spirit though - poor Captain Anstruther is still searching for his kidnapped bride, Isabella, but he thinks the key to winning her back may lie in the heart of the Chimney Islands, a mind-boggling patchwork of volcanoes where Anstruther and Isabella first swore eternal love. Can he attend the party AND be reunited with his beloved?

Stanley and Rasmussen must do battle once more with the Captain's nefarious brother Zebediah, encountering old friends, new friends and unexpected friends in frilly pink dresses along the way. Expect hilarity and chaos to ensue!

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Voyage to the volcano edit

about the author

Tom Banks

Tom has mainly worked in the theatre throughout his adult life, running a small company called the Network of Stuff with friends and making up and telling stories to young people and adults.

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