Vanishing Trick
Ros Asquith

Ages: 7-11

When I hear the word word... My brain goes blurred!

Life is dull for a dragon. For a dragon, time drags on. Frighten kid, eat princess, Breathe fire, cause distress. Day after deadly day, the same. Eat, scare, sleep, flame. How to be Batman, the Year Six Disco, the school bully, being alone, best mates, being a dragon...or vanishing - FWOOF! Funny, clever and thought-provoking, these poems are brilliant for reading at school or at home. With witty illustrations by the author, this is an exciting and distinctive debut collection.

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Vanishing ca

about the author

Ros Asquith

Her first job, aged 17, was illustrating Greek Myths for an American
audio visual company. She graduated from Camberwell School
of Art, working as a photographer, designer and teacher before

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