The School of Art
Daniel Frost

Ages: 7-11

So: you want to make great art?

Follow the five professors as they work together to deliver 40 demonstrations – each one accompanied by a guided activity for you to try at home – to help you to understand the basic principles of art, including composition, colour, line, shape and perspective.

Review by Daisy

"This book will show you how to do 40 different arty skills. I recommend this for anyone over 8..."

Review by Mariana

"This book has 40 simple lessons and 5 professors. It is full of really creative, exciting ideas to try."

Review by Jake

"The School of Art is a fun and interesting book all about art. I love this book as it made me really think!"

Review by Sinead

"The book has beautiful pictures to wow you! The book is fun because there is so much to do and see!"

Review by Elizabeth

"The book, which is outstanding, has many fab illustrations. If you've got children, who love art, buy it!"

Review by Madison

"The amazing School of Art book has lots of lessons in it so you can learn to do great artwork for yourself..."

Review by Chiamaka

"The School of Art is a brilliant book. If you read it, you won't want to put it down. Get it if you love art!"

Review by Maverick

"This eye-catching, non-fiction, inspirational book will show people how to make beautiful works of art..."

Review by Dominika

"The School of Art has 40 enjoyable lessons which you can have fun with and take part in with 5 artist to help."

Review by Priscilla

"Once you pick up this mind-boggling, illustration-packed book you will never let go of it. It is great!"

Review by Courtney

"This book is a show stopping book that you will never forget! It contains a range of creative, amazing ideas."

Review by Aaron

"The illustrations of this book are absolutely eye-catching. You will be astonished. This book is brilliant!"

Review by Hollie

"It is a book of mind-blowing illustrations and amazing child-friendly lessons for budding artists!"

Review by Nicci

"I think that The School of Art is a good book because it tell & shows you how to do art."

Review by Connor

"I think that The School of Art is a great book and I would recommend that you read it. "

Review by Samuel

"I think that The School Of Art is a spectacular book and I recommend you read if you like art, this helps."

Review by Luke

"It's a good book because I don't read books like that. It is very exiting to find out what jobs they do."

Review by malachi

"I really love this book. How it shows you many different ways to create different types of art that exist! "

Review by kayleigh

" I like how they teach you in a different way. I like how they all have a different personality and subjects."

Review by Seb

"In my opinion the school of art is a colorful book full of drawings and writing to tell you how to make art"

Review by Tony

"I think this is a great book even though we didn't read much of it. I really enjoyed reading it. "

Review by Alice

"I liked all the lovely detailed illustrations and if they made a new book i would read it ."

Review by kieran

"The school of art is a very good book to read because it is very colourful and unique book."

Review by channel

"An amazing book because its fun and super colourful . Professor is my favourite because he's very unique."

Review by alfie

"The school of art is a good book because it tells us how to draw and I like that they all like each other."

Review by Toby

"I find this book colourful and well thought out, it's a book I would recommend to creative people."

Review by Cameron

"The School Of Art is a fascinating book. You will gladly enjoy this glorious art with over 40 lessons! :D"

Review by Emma

"The school of art is a great book.The professors are really creative.I would recommend it to a friend. "

Review by kieran

"I think its an amazing book and it tells you how to make outstanding art."

Review by Hayden

"To be honest it was a GOOD book, someone has showed their feelings on Art.U should definitely read the book "

Review by catarina

"Its a amazing book because its diffrent type of book I would like to read one more book . It was great !"

Review by Tyrell

"The adjectives help and the teach us how to use them, its really easy to learn them. "

Review by Sarah

"I liked learning about the professors because they are about different things it is fun."

Review by bradley

"I like this book because there is lots of stuff to learn. I think it is a incredible book."

Review by shannon

"The school of are book is a very good book.I like the professor of ideas because she has a cloud of ideas!"

Review by Cherelle

"I think that the school of art is a good book because in just 40 lessons u can be good at art! "

Review by Ricardo

"The one thing I like about the school of art is the professor thay give the school some life and make me laugh"

Review by Rhys

"I liked that there was 40 lessons and I also liked that there were five professors in the book."

Review by Frank

"I liked the book because of the detail and the different vocabulary and the interesting things it has "

Review by Matthew

"The school of art is a great book for you and friends to have 40 extra lessons at home :) "

Review by katy

"I think all the characters are good because they are amazing at art and they all do 40 lessons and there good."

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about the author

Daniel Frost

Daniel Frost is an artist who is fixated with odd people and strange situations. Through simple imagery, he reinterprets his observations in an imaginative and playful way. His work uses...


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