The Runaway Dinner
Bruce Ingman

Ages: 7-11

What happens when dinner decides that it doesn't fancy being eaten?

For a hungry little boy named Banjo and a savory sausage named Melvin, it's a plight that can only result in a breathless escape — and what a chase it is! Off speeds the sturdy sausage — leading fork, knife, and plate, chair and table, a handful of fries with various French names, and three fat little peas — out the door, down the street, and around the park, with poor Banjo taking up the rear. Will the famished boy ever catch them? And what (gulp) happens to Melvin if he does?

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about the author

Bruce Ingman

After teaching in several colleges of art and illustrating for such magazines as Vogue, Bruce's first book, When Martha's Away, was published in 1995 to huge critical acclaim. Not only was...


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