The Pomegranate Tree
Vanessa Altin

Ages: 11-14

'As we sat in the little courtyard listening to the gunfire in the streets below us, I started to write...’

In the summer of 2014 a black plague swept across Syria, a killer cult spreading misery and murder. Sitting in the shade of the Pomegranate Tree, we meet Dilvan, a young Kurdish girl. Through the pages of her diary, we follow her quest to find her family with a determination to fight, maybe even to die - but never to surrender.

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Vanessa altin   the pomegranate tree

about the author

Vanessa Altin

Vanessa Altin's first novel for children, The Pomegranate Tree, is about children affected by conflict in Syria, inspired by children she met working as a journalist. 

Vanessa altin

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