The Driftwood Ball
Thomas Docherty

Ages: 3-7

Can Badger  & Otter come together to win the annual Driftwood Ball Dance Competition? 

George is a badger, Celia is an otter. The badgers and the otters live very separate lives, each looking down on the other. The only time their paths cross is at the Driftwood Ball when the badgers jig and the otters shimmy, neither thinking the other’s dance style is very good. 

When George and Celia meet they realise that together they could create dance steps no-one has ever seen before! How will their families react? Will they be allowed to dance together? And most importantly, who will win the dance trophy?

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about the author

Thomas Docherty

When I was at school I never imagined I would end up writing stories. My spelling was terrible and I found reading really difficult, because I'm dyslexic. Luckily my mum and dad read to me and...

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