The Dark Lord: A Fiend in Need
Jamie Thomson

Ages: 7-11

You can call me master.

Sooz, a 13 yr old girl from Surrey has become the Dark Mistress of Dirk's otherworldly kingdom, the Darklands. Thanks to the Ring of Power given to her by Dirk, his minions recognize her as their ruler. Sooz immediately sets about redecorating Dirk's Dark Tower to the taste of a young girl.

But Sooz has to face her toughest challenge when an army of fanatical paladins and orcs gather to march against her. Despite their centuries of hostility to each other, they prefer to form an alliance rather than accept Sooz's new regime.

And what of Dirk? He continues on slaving away at school, plotting ways to rescue Sooz. Eventually he is able to advise her on life in the Darklands and Sooz is able to hold back the fanatical paladins.

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Dark lord a fiend in need

about the author

Jamie Thomson

Greetings, wormlings! I am the Dark Lord, Jamie Thomson, and you will read my book or be destroyed!

It's the story of a Dark Lord, exiled to earth and cursed into the body of a puny human boy...

Author jamiethomson

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