The Baby That Roared!
Nadia Shireen

Ages: 3-7

Written by Simon Puttock and illustrated by Nadia Shireen.

Mr. and Mrs. Deer would love a baby, and one day they find a little antlered bundle on the doorstep. Mrs. Deer thinks their wish has come true; Mr. Deer thinks that the baby is very, very peculiar. When the baby won’t stop roaring, they ask advice from family and friends but it takes wise old Granny Bear to spot the problem: the baby’s not a baby – it’s a little monster. A very greedy little monster at that . . . and why have all their friends mysteriously disappeared?

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The baby that roared!
Baby that roared sample
Baby that roared sample2

about the author

Nadia Shireen

Nadia Shireen enjoyed making homemade magazines and comics as a child. She studied law at university and then worked in magazine journalism; it was during this time that she started to draw again....


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