T-Veg: The Tale of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur
Smriti Prasadam-Halls

Ages: 3-7

Imagine a T-rex who loves to eat vegtables more than anything else?!

Meet Reginald...

Reginald is a T-rex like any other. He has a fierce roar, gnashing teeth and mighty footsteps that thunder through the jungle. There’s just one teeny, tiny thing that sets him apart…

While the other T-rexes munched on juicy steak…

Reginald the T-rex ate crunchy carrot cake!

Made to feel that he doesn’t quite belong, Reg sets out to find a new life… with disastrous results! But later on, when his friends and family get into trouble, Reg is the only one who can help. Will he be in time to save the day? Join Reg and his friends on a riotous romp through the jungle.

A brilliant story which shows that real strength is on the inside and the bravest thing you can do… is have the courage to be yourself.

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about the author

Smriti Prasadam-Halls

Born in South India, I arrived in sunny Britain when I was two years old. The youngest of three daughters in a clergy family, I moved around frequently throughout my childhood... from North Wales...

Smriti prasadam hall

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