Stunt Boy: The Fincredible Diary of Fin Spencer
Ciaran Murtagh

Ages: 7-11

A boy, a book and a bucket of trouble...

Fin Spencer is not the sort of boy who writes in a diary. But when he's given one by a batty old lady at a funfair, he writes in it anyway. He's going to be a famous stuntboy one day, and then he can sell his memoirs and make loads of money!

But Fin soon realises it's not a normal kind of diary - it can change the past! So when Fin writes what he SHOULD have done that day (rather than what actually happened) what he SHOULD have done is what everyone remembers. To start with, it's great! By changing what he did, Fin stands up to the school bully and ends up winning the school talent show. But he gets into lots of scrapes while he works out exactly what the diary is capable of changing and what it's not. And even then things backfire - so Fin falls out with his best friend and ends up at a Charlie Dimples concert with a load of six-year-old girls listening to 'My Swishy Wishy'! Can Fin control the diary, or will it control him?

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Stunt boy

about the author

Ciaran Murtagh

Ciaran is a Bafta Award winning screenwriter and an award winning author of over thirty five books for children. His latest four book series – The Fincredible Diary of Fin Spencer – has...

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