Miriam Halahmy

Ages: 11-14

I didn't know my life was going to fall through the floor for the second time before my sixteenth birthday.

Jess is fifteen, Ryan is seventeen and they are falling in love... but each is keeping a terrible secret from each other, threatening to destroy their bond. On a weekend away rock climbing they move closer than ever, until a terrifying accident drives a new wedge between them.

Can Jess save her family from Dad's mistakes and will Ryan resolve his own mess from the past? If not, their love is doomed to failure.

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about the author

Miriam Halahmy

Miriam Halahmy writes for children, teens and adults. Her three Y.A. books, Hidden, Illegal and Stuffed are all set on Hayling Island, off the south coast of England and involve motor bikes, motor...
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