Starting School
Caryn Jenner

Ages: 3-7

What's it like to start school?

This book is aimed at children who are due to start school. It can be shared with young children to answer their many questions about what school life will be like. 

Many varied school settings and scenarios are explored to show that different schools work in different ways. At all times, children are encouraged to look forward to this new experience and to be reassured that there will be other children just like them at school, and that there will always be people there to help them settle in.

Warm and funny illustrations by the wonderful Arthur Robins will reassure and amuse children and adults alike.

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Starting school

about the author

Caryn Jenner

Caryn Jenner was born and raised in the USA, but has lived all her adult life in the UK. The very best thing she's ever done in her life is adopting her fabulous and fascinating daughter. The...


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