Alexis Deacon

Ages: 11-14

A magical tale by celebrated author Russell Hoban, illustrated by Alexis Deacon

Somewhere in the Arctic Circle, Sixteen-Face John, a shaman, learns that his first child, a soonchild, cannot hear the World Songs from her mother's womb. The World Songs are what inspire all newborns to come out into the world, and John must find them for her. But how? The answer takes him through many lifetimes and many shape-shifts, as well as encounters with beasts, demons and a mysterious benevolent owl spirit, Ukpika, who is linked to John's past...

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about the author

Alexis Deacon

My name is Alexis Deacon and I am a writer and illustrator of stories for children. I wrote Croc and Bird after a trip to the Galapagos Islands where they have all sorts of amazing creatures living...
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