Secrets of the Henna Girl
Sufiya Ahmed

Ages: 11-14

A searing and moving fiction debut that explores the illegal practice of forced marriages.

Life as Zeba knows it could be over for good . . .

Zeba Khan is like any other sixteen-year-old girl: enjoying herself, waiting for exam results . . . and dreaming of the day she'll meet her one true love.

Except her parents have other plans.

In Pakistan for the summer, Zeba's world is shattered. Her future is threatened by an unthinkable - and forced - duty to protect her father's honour.  

But does she hold the secrets that will help her escape?

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about the author

Sufiya Ahmed

Sufiya Ahmed was born in India and arrived in the UK as a baby. She lived in Bolton, Lancashire, before moving to London where she still lives. Sufiya has worked in advertising and in the House of...

Sufiya ahmed   credit asif patel 2011

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