Rastamouse and the Double Crossin Diva
Michael De Souza

Ages: 3-7

Missy D is causing Trouble with a capital T!

One of the three original Rastamouse picture books that preceded the hugely popular CBeebies television series, Rastamouse and the Double-Crossin' Diva stars the back-flippin’, breakdancin’ Missy D. She’s desperate to get to Mousetego Bay to win the one hundred grand prize in the Nuff Song Talent Show – so desperate that she’ll even steal the orphanage bus to get there. With the poor little mice stranded and missing all the fun, it’s an Easy Crew emergency!

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about the author

Michael De Souza

Michael De Souza was inspired to get into writing whilst teaching swimming and witnessing the incredible imagination of children. His first idea for a book was called The Swimming Lesson featuring...
Author michael da souza

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