Rastamouse and Da Bag-a Bling
Michael De Souza

Ages: 3-7

A bling-lovin' baddie to catch? All in a day's work for Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew!

Rastamouse and Da Bag-a Bling sees President Wensley Dale at his wits end. The baby mice have gone missing from the orphanage! Bagga Trouble has hip-hop-notized them with his happenin' vibes and lured them away to his hide-out - and now he's demanding a bag-a bling in return for their release. Luckily Rastamouse has a plan to track him down...


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about the author

Michael De Souza

Michael De Souza was inspired to get into writing whilst teaching swimming and witnessing the incredible imagination of children. His first idea for a book was called The Swimming Lesson featuring...
Author michael da souza

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