Pigsticks and Harold: Lost in Time
Alex Milway

Ages: 7-11

Pigsticks and Harold are travelling through time – will they ever make it back to Tuptown?

Pigsticks and Harold travel through time in the fourth book of Alex Milway's hilarious, colour-illustrated series. When Pigsticks wants to win first prize at the Tuptown Science Fair, there's only one place to look for help – the future! But his rusty time machine is hard to control and soon Pigsticks and Harold are landing in trouble all throughout history. Will they make it home, or be lost in time ... for ever?

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Pigsticks and harold lost in time

about the author

Alex Milway

Alex Milway has always enjoyed making up stories and, after leaving art college, he discovered that he liked to write and illustrate them as well.

His interest in furry creatures first reared its...
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