Over the Line
Tom Palmer

Ages: 11-14

Powerful historical novel about one footballer's experience in World War I, based on the little-known history of the Flanders Cup.

It's 1914 and Jack is making his debut as a pro footballer. But his first match is marred by a demonstration demanding that the teams sign up to do their duty in France. Word of the Footballer's Battalion and a cup in Flanders provides a glimmer of hope that Jack can keep his dream of playing for England alive. But as the war drags on, Jack is thrown into a nightmare world he will be lucky to survive.

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Over the line

about the author

Tom Palmer

I am a father, husband, author, football fan and a reader. In fact, it was reading about football that changed my life.

I wasn’t keen on reading when I was young. My mum was worried about me...


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