Nuts in Space
Elys Dolan

Ages: 3-7

An elite crew of furry animals are celebrating.

They have found the Lost Nuts of Legend and according to the myth, the bearer of this mythical snack will be immortal, invincible and never will it be past their bedtime – now all they have to do is go home.

But – oh dear – if only it were that simple. Everyone is starving, the Star Nav is broken, the neighbours are distinctly unfriendly and it was a really, REALLY bad idea to stop at the Death Banana and ask for directions. Will they EVER find their way home? And, most importantly will they get home before something happens to the Nuts?

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about the author

Elys Dolan

Elys Dolan is the author and illustrator of Weasels and Nuts in Space. Elys grew up in a part of Sussex, England that consists almost entirely of trees and cows and she was named after a department...

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