Mythical 9th Division: The Alien Moon
Alex Milway

Ages: 7-11

The fourth title in the Mythical 9th Division series. 

The secret troop of yeti agents of the Mythical 9th Division has a problem – they're being besieged by invisible monsters. Multiplying at an alarming rate, the alien monsters are destroying everything in their path on a collision course with Earth. World destruction looks inevitable, particularly when you factor inThe Alien Moon.

With comic strip chapter beginnings and detailed illustration throughout, Albrecht, Timonen, and Saar's missions are sure to engage both reluctant and eager readers.

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about the author

Alex Milway

Alex Milway has always enjoyed making up stories and, after leaving art college, he discovered that he liked to write and illustrate them as well.

His interest in furry creatures first reared its...
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