Mrs Vickers' Knickers
Deborah Allwright

Ages: 3-7

Mrs Vickers’ Knickers is a cheeky and fast-paced romp about a pair of frilly knickers on one hilarious journey.

Mrs Vickers is just pegging out her favourite knickers when – whoosh – they are caught in a gust of wind and fly away. That’s the end of them, thinks Mrs Vickers. But she is wrong. This is just the beginning . . . Mrs Vickers’ Knickers are whisked and whirled on the breeze; on and on they sail, over the building site, through the town (where they cause traffic chaos) and round and round the rollercoaster! Will Mrs Vickers’ ever be united with her favourite pair of frilly pink knickers?

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about the author

Deborah Allwright

Far from the Wild West, I grew up in London. My daydreaming gained shape when leafing through my granddad’s book collection. The glossy photographic books on African wildlife and exotic birds...

Deborah allwright

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