Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout
Andy Stanton

Ages: 3-7

Shabba me whiskers! It’s one of those Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton. They’re only the craziest, funnest most amazing books for children in the world.

Something’s gone terribly wrong in Lamonic Bibber . . . and Mr Gum is nowhere to be found. Yes, folks, Polly and Friday are facing their biggest challenge yet. So strap yourselves in, cry ‘HI-HO-WEIRDY!’ and get ready for an adventure so crazy your feet will melt with happiness!

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Hideout gum
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about the author

Andy Stanton

Hello. I am a professional children's writer and part-time acorn. My hobbies include reading, drawing, listening to music and being eaten by a greedy squirrel.

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