Mother Tongue
Julie Mayhew

Ages: 11-14

After a terrorist attack shatters her family, 18-yr-old Darya Ivanova explores her new identity. 


Darya is a young woman trying to recover her life after a brutal terrorist attack shakes her rural Russian hometown, killing her young sister. Her father wants her married off to one of his factory employees and her mother has resurfaced as the matriarch of their family, displacing Darya and even blaming her for Nika's death. But the attack has drawn foreigners to their community, reporters and aid workers who open Darya's eyes to the world. When she falls for a older man, a journalist from New York, could he be her ticket out of her hometown, her old life and her grief? 

A stunning story about finding your voice in the aftermath of tragedy, from acclaimed author Julie Mayhew.

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Mother tongi

about the author

Julie Mayhew

Julie is an actress turned writer who still acts but mostly writes. She is an award-winning novelist, an award-nominated radio dramatist and has written short stories and stage plays to critical...

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