Richard Kurti

Ages: 11-14

An exciting, fast-paced thriller that shows the power science has to change not just our lives, but our very selves.

Cillian is the sole survivor of a devastating terrorist attack on a packed Metro train. How did he survive when everyone else was killed? Searching for answers with the mysterious Tess, Cillian discovers that his father has links to P8, a group of genetic scientists operating outside the laws of Foundation City. The shocking discoveries he and Tess make at P8's secret hospital start to make Cillian ask not who he is, but what he is.

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Maladapted y1

about the author

Richard Kurti

Richard Kurti is a successful freelance director and screenwriter who has worked with Universal, Miramax and Laika amongst others. He has recently started writing young adult fiction and his first...

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