London Calls
Gabby Dawnay

Ages: 3-7

Taking in all the major sights and sounds of the British capital, London Calls zooms past parks and palaces, monuments and museums at a exhilarating pace!

In this thrilling tour, led by two of the city's best-dressed residents, a pearly grandma and her granddaughter, we make the acquaintance of the Gherkin, the Shard and the Eye, not to mention a whole host of other characters who make London the rich and diverse city that it is today. Expressing all of the energy, history and excitement that London has to offer, London Calls is both the perfect introduction to and memento of an unrivalled city.

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about the author

Gabby Dawnay

Gabby Dawnay has written two books with the illustrator Alex Barrow. 


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