Line of Fire
Sarah Ardizzone, Barroux

Ages: 11-14

Line of Fire - Diary of an Unknown Soldier, August - September 1914

One winter morning, Barroux was walking down a street in Paris when he made an incredible discovery: the real diary of a soldier from the First World War. Barroux rescued the diary from a rubbish heap and illustrated the soldier's words. We don't know who the soldier is or what became of him. We just have his words, and in his own words and Barroux's extraordinary pictures, this is his story.

In this striking black and white graphic novel adaptation of a 100-year-old diary, the events of the first two months of WWI are vividly brought to life. This is one man's personal account of war, silhouetted against the historical events of 1914 that formed and transformed the world we live in today.

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about the authors

Sarah Ardizzone

Born in Brussels and based in Brixton, Sarah Ardizzone has lived in France, Argentina and Greece, as well as travelling to the Caribbean on a cargo ship!

Along the way, she's translated some...
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Barroux was born in France. His illustrations are engraved by hand and then colored in linocut acrylic.

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