Keeper of the Realms Crows Revenge
Marcus Alexander

Ages: 11-14

'Keeper of the Realms: Crow’s Revenge' is the a delightfully wicked book in a brand new fantasy adventure series for 10 + girls and boys.

Crow's Revenge finds Charlie Keeper being forced from her home by a blood-thirsty and terrifying stranger. When she escapes, she discovers her house holds the gateway to the Realm of Bellania, a place full of myths, magic and an evil lord with a bad attitude.

Now the fate of the Realm rests on Charlie's shoulders and before she untangles the mystery that will save Bellania, she needs to find the answer to a secret Mr Crow, her dastardly guardian, has been keeping from her...

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about the author

Marcus Alexander

When Puffin author Marcus Alexander was a young teen he used to read books like a beast; these tales of intrigue and travels inspired him to wander off the beaten path and seek a life of action and...
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