Imelda and the Goblin King
Briony May Smith

Ages: 3-7

Dive into a story of how a brave and cunning little girl manages to defeat the evil Goblin King to save her fairy friends! 

Far away behind the hills a girl called Imelda lives beside a fairy forest. Every day she ventures into the forest to play with her fairy friends. But within the deepest, darkest depths of the trees lives the worst creature of all – the goblin king! When he kidnaps the Fairy Queen, the fairies call upon Imelda to help. Soon she has a cunning plan to turn the Goblin King into a worm and rid the forest of him for good!

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Imelda 6
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about the author

Briony May Smith

I am a freelance illustrator currently living in Berkshire, and I specialise in children's books and graphic novels. I have always really loved drawing, so if I were doing something else...

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