Hot Like Fire
Valerie Bloom

Ages: 3-7

When de July sun hot like fire, Den I have jus' one desire, To run down to de shop an' buy a Kisko pop. 

The World Is Sweet and Hot Like Fire published in one volume for the first time. Valerie Bloom's poetry is beautifully crafted yet full of energy and fun. Her mixed use of standard English and dialect is a delight to read and hear. Children love reading and listening to her work! Valerie's subjects range from global pollution, problems with maths homework and the sad demise of pet frogs (he croaked of course) to taking sandwiches to school and being afraid of ghosts.

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Hot like fire

about the author

Valerie Bloom

Valerie Bloom is originally from Jamaica and she came to England in 1979. She spends a huge amount of time at festivals and schools performing and promoting her work, for which she is in great...

Valerie bloom

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