Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise
Sean Taylor

Ages: 3-7

When Hoot Owl's disguises are just as elaborate as his ideas, will he ever get dinner?


Hoot Owl is no ordinary owl – oh no! – he’s a master of disguise! Tiny animals of the night ... beware! But,somehow, Hoot Owl's prey keeps escaping... Hmmm, perhaps he isn't quite as masterful as he believes. Laugh-out-loud as you discover if Hoot Owl will ever succeed in catching some dinner for himself? 

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about the author

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is the author of fifty books for young readers. These include picture books such as WHEN A MONSTER IS BORN, HOOT OWL - MASTER OF DISGUISE, THE WORLD CHAMPION OF STAYING AWAKE and...
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