Greek Myths: Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea
Jane Ray, Sally Pomme Clayton

Ages: 3-7

 Pandora has been given the gift of curiosity, what will happen if she opens the forbidden magic jar? 

Atalanta is the fastest runner in the world but will only marry the man who can beat her in a race; Perseus must destroy the snake-headed gorgon, Medusa! Pegasus, the miraculous flying horse, has never been tamed, can Bellerophon catch him? These ten wonderful tales from the world of Greek mythology come with notes and a map showing the real places in Greece that are connected with the stories.

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about the authors

Jane Ray

Born in London, Jane studied art and design at Middlesex University. Her main study was ceramics and she didn't start to illustrate until she left college. Her first published work was a series...

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Sally Pomme Clayton

Sally Pomme Clayton is a performance storyteller and writer, who has told stories all over the world. She capticates audiences with her unique spellbinding performances. Her perfromances combine...

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