Good Dog Bad Dog: Double Identity
Dave Shelton

Ages: 7-11

Criminals beware: Bergman and McBoo are on your tail!


Muttropolis is movie central, and there's been a killing in Collie-wood.

This calls for Kirg Bergman and Duncan McBoo, the craftiest cops around!

The city is full of mean mongrels who are determined to stop them sniffing out the truth.

But they haven't reckoned with the finest milkshake-fuelled minds in the force!

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Dave shelton   good dog bad dog

about the author

Dave Shelton

Born and raised in Leicester, Dave now lives in Cambridge with his beautiful wife Pam, his lovely daughter Mila, a fabulous dog called Barney, and a cat. He likes comics, cricket, crosswords and...

Dave shelton

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