Dark Lord - The Teenage Years
Jamie Thomson

Ages: 7-11

Thirteen-year-old schoolboy, Dirk Lloyd, has a dark secret - in fact he is a dark secret.

Dirk - according to his own account - is the earthly incarnation of a Dark Lord, supreme ruler of the Darklands and leader of great armies of orcs and warriors, intent on destruction and bloody devastation.

Following a colossal final battle between the forces of good and evil, the Dark Lord was defeated and hurled by his arch-foe's spells into the Pit of Uttermost Despair. At the bottom of the Pit lies... a supermarket car park in the municipal town of Whiteshields, somewhere in modern day England.

And when he is found, and tries to explain that he is the Dark Lord, people think he means Dirk Lloyd. The fact that he's trapped in the puny body of a schoolboy doesn't help.

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about the author

Jamie Thomson

Greetings, wormlings! I am the Dark Lord, Jamie Thomson, and you will read my book or be destroyed!

It's the story of a Dark Lord, exiled to earth and cursed into the body of a puny human boy...

Author jamiethomson

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