Counting Chickens
Polly Alakija

Ages: 3-7

Tobi has a hen, and his friends each have their own animals, too. The other animals give birth to their babies: one calf, two lambs, three kids, four kittens, five puppies and six piglets. But Tobi’s hen sits on the seven eggs she laid, waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.

At last, the eggs hatch. Now Tobi has a brood of seven beautiful chicks. And, by the following year, he has more chickens than he can count. Can you help Tobi count his chickens?

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about the author

Polly Alakija

My family has a farm in Nigeria in West Africa. My children spent much of their childhood on this farm, with their pet tortoise,dogs,monkeys,fish,goats,cats,cows and horses. I visit there often and...
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