Charlie Merrick's Misfits I am Nobody, Get me out of here!
Dave Cousins

Ages: 7-11

'HELP! Somebody get me out of here! This is all a HUGE MISTAKE! I can't believe we ended up in this mess!

Well . . . actually I can. To be honest I'm not at all surprised. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that ALWAYS happens to us!' 

Charlie and his gang have ended up at the 'GO WILD!' survival camp for a whole week. Camp leader Survival Clive splits them into teams and dumps them in the middle of the forest. They've got three days to make it back to base camp. But there's a rumour that a wild beast is on the loose; rival team, the Wild Warriors, are pinching their stuff; and Charlie and Nature just don't mix! 

If they're going to make it back home, the Misfits are going to have to use all their skill and guile to survive. Told in Charlie's own hilarious words and doodles!

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Dave Cousins

Abandoning childhood plans to be an astronaut, Dave Cousins went to art college, joined a band and was nearly famous! The first stories he wrote were for his own football comic—years later ...

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