Brave New Girl
Catherine Johnson

Ages: 7-11

“I can make things happen – good things – I know it!” Seren is so full of brilliant ideas – it’s just that she always seems to put her foot in it! 

First there was the dance routine where she fell off the stage. And now her plan to get her sister Sasha noticed by gorgeous Luke Beckford looks like it could backfire… Seren reckons she’s just hopelessly accident-prone! But there’s one person who believes in Seren. Her mate Keith is making a film for a national competition and he wants Seren to be in it. Could Seren turn out to be a star after all?

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about the author

Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson has written 20 books for children as well as scripts for Film, TV and radio. She lives by the seaside and wishes she was less clumsy.
Author catherine johnson

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