Michael Rosen

Ages: 3-7

The magical cat

Raffi's brother Jake can do everything. He can run very fast, jump very high, dance and draw elephants. If only Raffi were good at something too. One evening when Raffi can't sleep, a magical flying cat called Blue appears and takes him on an adventure through the night sky. They fly off together into the darkness and as they fly, Blue points at shop signs and street lamps and they light up. They fly higher and higher, spreading light, until even the stars light up! The next day, thoughtful little Raffi feels different. He is happier, after his wonderful dream, and has more confidence. He even finds himself reassuring his brother that walking home in the dark is no problem at all - it's fun!

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about the author

Michael Rosen

I grew up in the London suburb of Pinner, a place my parents often wondered about. How had we landed there? My parents were teachers, politically committed (socialists), and great storytellers and...

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