Big Scary Monster
Thomas Docherty

Ages: 3-7

Big Scary Monster loves to shock his friends. But if he wants to keep them, he will need to change his ways!

The Big Scary Monster (who lives on top of a mountain not far from here) is convinced he is bigger and scarier than any other creature and delights in terrifying the little creatures that live nearby.

Eventually the little creatures learn to hide from him and he gets bored with no one to frighten, so looks further afield for his fun.

When he spies tiny figures down in the valley, the monster sets off on a scaring spree but as he descends the mountain, the rocks and plants seem to get bigger and he seems to be getting smaller...

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about the author

Thomas Docherty

When I was at school I never imagined I would end up writing stories. My spelling was terrible and I found reading really difficult, because I'm dyslexic. Luckily my mum and dad read to me and...

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