Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress
Sarwat Chadda

Ages: 11-14

In a land of ancient palaces and ferocious deserts, where the gods and demons of the mythical past never die, one slightly pudgy boy from our time… is going to kick some monster butt!

Ash Mistry has had it with India.  Which is a problem since his uncle has brought him and his annoying younger sister Lucky there to take up a dream job with the mysterious Lord Savage. But Ash immediately suspects something is very wrong with the eccentric millionaire.

Soon, Ash finds himself in a desperate battle to stop Savage's master plan - the opening of the Iron gates that have kept Ravana, the demon king, at bay for four millenia...

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Ash mistry

about the author

Sarwat Chadda

Sarwat Chadda has lived and travelled throughout the world, from China to Guatemala. He’s been lost in Mongolia, abandoned at a volcano in Nicaragua and hidden up a...
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